Grief Testimonials


After the very first session, I felt very different, like I’d had layers lifted from me.

I felt lighter, able to cope better with my situation, the second session increased again.

I’d had 6 months of bereavement counselling before, which helped but I still knew I was still holding onto grief.

I feel at peace now and feel acceptance as I worked through my grief relating to the loss of mum and dad, but the most profound realisation was that I was also grieving my brother who is still alive. He’d immigrated 27 years ago and I had no idea I was still grieving him not being around.

I highly recommend Di, don’t waste any more time thinking about how you’re going to deal with it. Contact Di, I’m so glad I did. (Yvonne Jeffries 2022)

Working with Di has been incredible.

I lost my brother back in 1996, and both my parents in 2011. At the time my parents were ill and then died I had incredible support and bereavement counselling at the hospice that cared for them.

The counselling I thought at the time good, but now realise how much hurt and anxiety I was holding onto. How much it has impacted me. Just talking didn’t allow me to really let go.

Di helped me to release this. I will always be so grateful for her help and support. (Maria P. 2022)